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Refresh Shower, part of the EverFlow future of water conservation


Droughts and other ecological pressures are putting tension on households to reduce water consumption. New appliances and other technologies in the home are helping conserve precious fresh water.

Water conservation and wastewater management technologies are on a collision course as water conservation technologies are limited by the inability of sewers to transport low flows to community-based treatment plants. Sewers need high flows to function.


Additionally, despite being around for over 200 years, wastewater treatment is still unavailable to over 1 billion people.



To achieve significant reductions in water consumption, water treatment needs to move closer to the point of use. EverFlow develops technologies that reduce, reuse, and recycle water, including sewage, at the appliance level. Bringing a new meaning to being off the grid—the water grid. EverFlow’s technologies target a 99% reduction in net water consumption. This dramatic reduction
will enable other technologies, such as rainwater harvesting, to be sufficient and sustainable for residential water use in most communities and climates. While conservation is of utmost importance, EverFlow technologies will actually increase the quality-of-life experience with higher flow recirculation showers, clean and consistent water temperature, and toilets and sinks that never clog.

Refresh Shower is the first product we are releasing to begin this journey. Please share our page, subscribe to our updates, follow our socials, and sign up for our beta testing to help us further our goal of residential whole home conservation.

EverFlow, a Hall Labs Project

EverFlow is a project of Hall Labs. Hall Labs is an innovation lab based in Provo, Utah, dedicated to bringing new and transformational technology and products to market: 

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